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CB24 8TX, UK.

Chris Moller - Design Projects

Between 1979 and 1992, I designed various items that went into production and were offered for sale.  I kept a data sheet on each (click on the link to see this).  Note that none of these products is still (as far as I know) being manufactured and offered for sale.

2001 Signal GeneratorGlobal Specialties Corp1979
4001 Pulse GeneratorGlobal Specialties Corp1979
5001 Universal Counter-TimerGlobal Specialties Corp1980
PenPal - A Word Processor for the Apple IIHoward Sams1980
Automatic Printer SwitchNighthawk Electronics1985
Other Printer Switches and BuffersNighthawk Electronics1986
Tokenless Payphone SystemInternational Payphones1989
GTi IBM PC Accelerator BoardNanotech1989
Nanotech UPS Power Meter (NPM)Nanotech1991
The Trigger - Digital debugging aidNanotech1992


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