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Home ADSL Wiring Wizard - How to speed up your ADSL

Dr. Gadget's Wizard Solution Selector will show you the correct way to wire up telephone sockets in your house, so that you get the maximum speed out of your ADSL service. There is one solution if the ADSL modem will be by the first socket that the service from the street reaches, and a different solution if you want to plug the ADSL modem into an extension socket.

Click the appropriate button to see Dr. Gadget's proposed solution.

Which type is the first socket? NTE5 LJU1 LJU2 LJU3 Filtered ADSL Socket
ADSL modem by first socket
ADSL modem by extension socket

For a more detailed discussion of putting ADSL over home telephone wiring, see Dr. Gadget's ADSL Technical Page.

Note that the wizard doesn't cater for double sockets, but the principles are the same.


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