Questions for Enquiring Minds



(Translated from the Chinese into a 20th Century English style)



A-Level Examinations, July 2110




  1. The line of latitude with the most land on it is just south of the Arctic Circle.  The line of latitude with the least land is just north of the Antarctic Circle. Explain this asymmetry.  [20 marks]

  2. According to popular perception (if not in fact), rivers run East-West (Amazon, Yellow River, Thames) or North-South (the Nile, Indus, Mississippi, etc) but not diagonally.  Describe how this has come about.  [20 marks]

  3. In the Old World, cities that are not on north-south coasts have the rich and affluent on the west, and the poor (or urban renewal schemes) on the east.  In the New World, the north is rich and affluent, and the south poor.  Justify and explain.  [20 marks]




  1. Although the human body is substantially asymmetrical inside (eg heart on the left), it manages to maintain a high degree of external symmetry.  The only significant exceptions are the male testes, where the left always hangs lower than the right, and the female left breast which is larger than the right.  Explain why this should be so.  [20 marks]

  2. Analyse the following gene sequence, and determine how many limbs this creature will have, and where on the body they will be placed.  [20 marks]




  1. Explain how Stinckelman’s Solution to the Tragedy of the Commons could have prevented the fishes in the sea from becoming extinct, but not the dinosaurs on the land. [20marks]








  1. If the Second Law of Thermodynamics were to reverse (ie Entropy always decreases), Time would reverse.  Discuss.  [20 marks] 

    Describe an experiment to show this effect. [10 marks]

    Explain how a finite total entropy for the Universe would solve the issue of whether the Universe will continue to expand indefinitely. [5 marks]

  2. Explain why Douglas Adams’s Infinite Improbability Drive is infinitely improbable. [20 marks].

  3. Describe an experiment for demonstrating ball lightning in the laboratory. [10 marks]

  4. Explain why the Moon looks larger when it is near the horizon that when it is high in the sky. [5 marks]

  5. Describe an experiment that demonstrates that entanglement allows information to travel faster than the speed of light. [10 marks]

  6. By means of diagrams or otherwise, explain the operation of the Solar Sea Evaporator built by the Chinese, that simultaneously reduced global warming from 2050 onward, and solved the problem of fresh water for drinking and agriculture. [10 marks]

  7. Explain how the scientific method was enhanced during the early 21st Century to include unrepeatable phenomena, and how this was applied to several long-standing paranormal mysteries. [20 marks]



  1. Explain how the period of prolonged economic instability that began with the banking collapse of the early 21st Century was an inevitable consequence of the abandonment of the gold standard. [20 marks]

    Once it started, how could this period of instability have been shortened, and why wasn’t it? [5 marks]




  1. The failure to identify any extraterrestrial intelligence (apart from our colonies on Mars and Europa, of course) is a bad omen for the human race.  Discuss.  [20marks]


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