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The Mollers



Joachim was powerful, austere, unquestioning in his faith.

He knew the right people, and found himself a wife in the family of the most powerful man in the land, Guldberg, the King’s right-hand man.

His wife helped him to secure the beautiful and serene living of Karrebæk.

His son Jens knew that to cross him, was to risk the wrath of God himself,

So you may imagine he worked hard at studying his Bible.


His diligence and natural intelligence got him to Copenhagen University, and eventually to a professorship, writing biographies of church dignitaries.  At the dawning of the nineteenth century, in the Latin school in Slagelse, he found a wife, and ere long had a son, Waldemar.


Waldemar went to Jutland, and begat five children.  He became the Frederikshavn telegraphist and translator.  His wife died of smallpox, but he got the new inoculation and was saved.  He married again, and begat eight more children. 


The fifth of the children of his second marriage was Oscar.  He found himself a job in the provisioning business of one Einar Schou, who had built a substantial business provisioning the ships that plied the route exporting Danish produce to England, including the new invention, margarine.


In the 1870’s, Danish margarine became very popular in England – so popular that by 1879, the Danish government was seriously worried about the effect on the country’s staple export, butter.  They passed a law effectively making export of Danish margarine impossible.   Mr. Schou responded by deciding to set up a factory in his biggest market.


Oscar liked the idea of England.  He persuaded Mr. Schou that he would need a manager for the new factory, to be based in a converted tannery in Manchester.


The journey to Manchester involved a lay-over in Newcastle on Tyne, where the 27-year old, fresh with opportunity, the young man met a pretty English girl two years his junior, and they fell in love.


Oscar, with his attention to detail, did well in Manchester.  He got on in society, and applied to be the Danish Consul.  He travelled back to Frederikshavn frequently. 

To be continued......



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