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Poem for 2035


The pain wonít go, my sight is gone,

Iím weary and frail, but I soldier on,

Living on memories of what Iíve done,

I could do with someone to care for me now.


There are nurses and carers, but Iím all alone

My sons are busy with lives of their own

Their families love them, though theyíve grown,

I could do with someone to visit me now


Once, I thought I could manage, and sent him away

For the stresses of marriage, Iíd make him pay,

But now life without him, it seems so grey,

I could do with someone to hold me now.


I pray for the end of my time in this place,

I have done my bit for the human race

Itís time to meet Him face-to-face

I could do with someone to take me now.


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This is great, you should find a publisher!

I enjoyed this, and it has made me think anew about something. The style's good.

It's stylistically OK, but don't give up the day job!

It needs quite a bit of work, and I think you should probably stick to engineering!

It was a waste of my time to read this rubbish. Don't waste your time writing it!

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