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When they said....


When they said, “It’s a very prestigious assignment – it’ll really do your career good”, I thought of what I knew about Iraq, and whether I really wanted advancement that much.


When they said, “We’ll be relying on you to keep the links to London open”, I tried to think how I would cope with fixing the transmitter whilst wearing a flak jacket, with shells going off around me.


When they said, “We’re going to advance on Baghdad”, I found myself thinking of the training that they’d had and I hadn’t, the armaments and armour they’d been given.


When they said, “It may be a bit rough”, I started to think of my small daughter at home, and wishing I wasn’t here at all.


When they said, “We’ve taken some damage, they’re being airlifted out”, I thought of the rest of my team, who wouldn’t be here any more.


When they said, “You’ll have to do it, you’re the only one left”, I stepped in front of the camera, and gave it my all.



Chris Moller, 03 Nov2004.


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This is great, you should find a publisher!

I enjoyed this, and it has made me think anew about something. The style's good.

It's stylistically OK, but don't give up the day job!

It needs quite a bit of work, and I think you should probably stick to engineering!

It was a waste of my time to read this rubbish. Don't waste your time writing it!

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