The Call


The phone by her bedside rang.  She leant over and reached for it.

“Hello”, her small voice was clear, but slightly wobbly.

“It’s time”, he said.  His voice sounded authoritative, but friendly.  It reminded her strongly of her late husband – he spoke just like that.

“I know.  I’ve waited for your call for so long.  I tidied my affairs up years ago.  But now you’ve called, I’m not so sure I’m ready after all.”

“It is time”, he said.

“Yes, of course, silly of me.  Do I need to bring anything?”

“No, just come as you are.”

“Alright, then.”


The Duty Nurse found her all right, some hours later, rigid upright in bed, with a smile on her face, and a faraway look in her eyes, her body quite cold.  A purring dialtone was coming from the dangling phone.


Chris Moller, 13Oct04


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This is great, you should find a publisher!

I enjoyed this, and it has made me think anew about something. The style's good.

It's stylistically OK, but don't give up the day job!

It needs quite a bit of work, and I think you should probably stick to engineering!

It was a waste of my time to read this rubbish. Don't waste your time writing it!

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