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Dreams are free.


In a dream, everything can be perfect.  As long as itís a dream unrealised, everything is still possible, there are no practical limitations, our mortal failings donít need to exist. 


The potential can be infinite.  For example, I can dream of writing the best book in the world.  Until I actually sit down to write it, no-one can say it wonít be the best book in the world.



In our dreams, things that are wonderful donít cease being wonderful, no matter how often they happen.  There is no cost associated with doing anything to excess.


In our dreams, experiences good and bad bring wisdom, but no mental scars, bitterness or desire for revenge.


In our dreams, we only forget what we want to forget.


In our dreams, we can appreciate fully the goodness of the good, without having first to experience the badness of the bad.  We can appreciate our good fortune, without gloating on the misfortunes of others.


In our dreams, only good emotions exist.  There is no anger, bitterness, resentment, frustration, jealousy, envy, greed, humiliation or regret.


In our dreams, we enjoy mastering physical challenges, and do this without suffering discomfort.


In our dreams, we can do things that normally require many hours of practice, effortlessly and perfectly. 


In our dreams, we are confident, and take risks, because we trust our judgement, and know that if it goes wrong, we will be resourceful enough to meet that challenge too.


Those around us

In our dreams, other people are open-minded, interesting and interested, but not unduly inquisitive or nosey. They are not destructive, but enabling, encouraging.


In our dreams, the benign company of fellow human beings is always available to us.  Whether we want it to be intellectually stimulating, motivating and encouraging, or simply companionable, that is what it is.  We are surrounded by friends when we want to be, and solitary and contemplative when that suits us more.


In our dreams, we can be the life-and-soul of the party, helping everyone to enjoy themselves, entertaining them and making them laugh and helping them to forget their troubles.


In our dreams, we intuitively understand the needs of others, perhaps even before they do themselves.  We give freely to meet those needs.


Our bodies

In our dreams, no-one is ever ill.  We live rich, full and healthy lives, and then suddenly one day, we die.


In our dreams, food always tastes wonderful.  Eating is a pleasure without limits or constraints of over-indulgence.  It never makes us ill, or causes us to put on weight.


In our dreams, sex is the ultimate expression of the love and respect of two people for each other, uncomplicated by any possibility of abuse or exploitation.  It never goes wrong, or has unintended side-effects.  The desire for sex always arises in both at the same time.


Life choices

In our dreams of a simple life, the complexity disappears, but not the safety, convenience and physical comfort that comes from that complexity.


In our dreams of adventure, we experience the excitement of living dangerously, but not the fear, or the pain and cost when the risk doesnít come off.  No-one gets hurt. 


In our dreams of success, we feel the praise, admiration and respect of others, without the worry and humiliation of being knocked off our perch, or the thought of the many other fields we forsook, for the success weíre enjoying in this one.


We donít make mistakes, nor do things we regret.  Motives are pure. 


In our dreams of affluence, we have enough money to fulfil our every desire, without the need to feel the envy of others to make us feel rich.  We enjoy sharing our wealth and using it to make the world a better place.  We donít live in fear of our riches being stolen.



We dream of being stylish and visually appealing, and we do this naturally all the time, without having to worry about being seen in a less-than-perfect state.


Our possessions are of quality and beauty, and retain that beauty even when we donít look after them properly.



Trust is absolute Ė in our dreams no-one ever betrays their trust.  Commitments made are always kept.


The World

In our dreams, there is an anti-Murphy law Ė if itís physically possible for it to work perfectly first time, it will.


In our dreams, we are in control of our circumstances.  We have power, and it  is a power to do good, and it doesnít corrupt.


In our dreams, time is not an issue.  We have the time and energy to do everything we want, and we never have to wait for anything.


In our dreams, we are always sensitive to the beauty and variety of the world.  We have the resources to experience as much of it as possible.



Yes, these are just dreams Ė but knowing our dreams is the first step to realising them. 


Today, I will score myself against my dreams Ė since I may have achieved some of them already, but not taken the time to appreciate my good fortune.


I promise that in future, when any of my dreams comes true, I will be appreciative and glad.  I wonít use my good fortune to make others feel bad.


In realising our dreams, we must recognise that some of our dreams are paradoxical, and cannot be achieved in the real world without sacrificing others.  Realising dreams forces us to make life-choices about which dreams we most want to realise.


Chris Moller, 30th September 2007.


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