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CB24 8TX, UK.

Phone+ADSL over Structured Cabling from Krone Block

Take a UK standard analogue exchange circuit with ADSL delivered on a punch-down terminal block, and extend it over the structured cabling to an ADSL modem and an adjacent UK standard analogue telephone.

The kits specified below will have a plug on the terminal block end. You will need to cut this off, and strip the wires back.

(You should use a professional metal punch-down tool, and don't have these stranded wires punched down in the block with any other wires - the connections aren't reliable.)


N.B. The telephone company owns the wiring from the exchange to the Network Terminating Point (NTP). You are only allowed to connect to the phone company wiring at the NTP. If you have any doubts at all about doing this, and identifying the correct pairs on the terminal block, call in an expert! Neither Evonet nor Run-It-Direct can help you to identify the correct pairs, nor be held responsible if you connect to the wrong ones!


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