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CB24 8TX, UK.

What is Evonet?

This is what I used to say Evonet did:

Evonet provides a total solution to your telecommunications and IT needs.

Evonet was started 21 years ago by Chris Moller, to provide dependable solutions to customers' IT and telecoms needs.  Project have been delivered on budget and on time, in the USA and in most of the countries in northern and western Europe. 

Whatever the telecoms or IT issue you need sorted, Evonet will take it on - even if, as is sometimes the case, the constraints are mainly political, rather than technical!

If the project demands a larger team, or additional specialist knowledge, we can call on an extensive network of associates, with whom we maintain regular contact, and the quality of whose work we underwrite.

That way, you can be sure you'll get the job done, and done well, and done on budget and on time.

Click on Clients to see examples of the companies we have worked for, and the projects we have undertaken.

Click on Skills to see the hardware and software for which our knowledge is current.

The contract between us can be for a fixed price or priced per man-day or man-hour.  Bona fide not-for-profit organisations enjoy a substantial discount.

Evonet Ltd. is:


Evonet. 344-346 High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge CB24 8TX, United Kingdom. 
Tel (08456) 444 382, Int'l: +44 1954 253900. Email: webenquiry at evonet.com   © Evonet,2004-2008

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