IP Telephony

The good news is that IP telephones plug directly into the structured cabling sockets, and do not need adapters.  They don't need any special cabling at the patch panel either.  However.....

IP telephony relies on using your broadband Internet connection to connect each telephone to a telephony server located somewhere on the Internet.  This has several implications:

  • Your voice calls will be competing for bandwidth with all your other Internet traffic.  Voice traffic has to have higher priority, so that calls don't "break up" or get interrupted, so your Internet speed will suffer, unless you have plenty of bandwidth.  You may have to upgrade your broadband connection.

  • If your broadband service fails, your telephony service will also fail.

  • You will be reliant on the provider of the telephony server for all your telephony.  It may be difficult to change service provider if their call charges or service rental charges become uncompetitive.

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